Monday, July 13, 2009


New Day from Spunky Club - February shipment. This was totally my astronomy homework in the house cup. 3-ply, worsted weight, about 175 yards


And here's some green stuff: Daydreams of Spring from The Vildish Twist - the fiber was a gift from Melinda and this is about half of it as a two-ply fingering weight.


I'm still knitting black socks and red stole, but started and frogged some other socks, and it's time to knit for reducio again, so that's fun. Current knitting crisis is the need for plain knitting for the three hour movie I'm planning to see tomorrow at midnight. Half-Blood Prince. Good times.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great plans

It's July (how did that happen?). I have three weeks left of my summer class. This is the third and last month of the House Cup summer term, which means new classes and OWL-finishing time.

One of the classes has me thinking of spinning, so I think I'm also going to do the Tour de Fleece - spin every day July 4-26, with two rest days.

Other folks on Ravelry are doing WIP Wrestlemania, which I'm not saying I couldn't use, but I think I'm about full up on -alongs. So I think my only WIP wrestling this month (at least for the first bit) will be on the socks that started Sunday almost like this:
sock 1

And ended Sunday like this:
sock 2