Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh, sweet!

What I just said when I realized that my average pace so far is higher than my pace needs to be to finish on time.

Average pace so far: 1.40 miles/day (113.7 miles/81 days)
Average pace needed to finish: 1.37 miles/day (386.3 miles/282 days)

So it's higher, but not by much. A minor travel cold knocked out the first few days after returning from LA, and work has interceded this week. I'm hoping to pack in a few consecutive long walks this weekend. Things are cooling off, thankfully, which is good for the walking, but are a reminder that Winter Is Coming and I should find Something To Do in order to continue walking during the cooler months. My weird class schedule should actually help - I have two free mornings for when it's hot like now, and two free afternoons for when it cools off, so I can walk during the afternoons when it's starting to get really cool.

I'm considering starting some Winter Walking accessories soon, but really I have five million pairs of fingerless mittens and just finished a really warm hat, so as long as I'm ok looking mismatched, I'll probably be fine. Meanwhile I'm knitting for babies. I finished the knitting of a Baby Surprise Jacket, and started a square shawl/blanket from Knitter's Almanac. The baby the blanket is for is four weeks old this week, and I hope to meet him in October. The Surprise Jacket's recipient isn't here yet, so I don't feel too bad putting off its seams and all.

And it's knit night, which is always good for productivity. Yay!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


LA Trip

Clockwise from top left: Getty Center gardens - gorgeous!!! Creepy Circus Liquor Neon Clown was one of our landmarks between our hotel and Kid Brother's place. Dinner on Friday night was across from Warner Bros studios - Justin rode a bike across the lot to meet us on his lunch break. Birds of Paradise were the local shrubbery - we passed lovely ones outside an Olive Garden on a morning walk. Kermit and Piggy passed by in a Disneyland parade - we had just gotten off the teacups (Mom has the best photos from the teacups!). The roller coaster coasted under us on the Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier. And lastly, the Pacific - Santa Monica Bay, really.

What fun we had! I walked a lot - my pedometer gave up the ghost and fell apart the last night.

Really, all that was fun, but the reason I went was this:

Happy fun times with Mom and Justin. Yay!