Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh, Ravelry...

I pause my TiVo-ed Daily Show to finish my post about my beloved shawl (which will only be mine for so long, so I need to fall out of love with it sometime, but that'll happen eventually - although the pattern is remarkably un-black-holey, so far), and I get sucked into Ravelry and realize that although I kind of want to do a blanket of sock yarn, what I really want to do is the EZ Knitters Almanac Grafting blanket out of sock yarn. Because that sounds way better to me than mitered squares.

And so now my boyfriend Jon Stewart is paused in the other room while I go read the pattern and sort through my bin of leftover sock yarn and reorder the sock queue to make the blanket more fun. Yup. Good times.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A little something

This is my new obsession:

OWL progress

I'm in love with it. I like nothing more than snuggling up with it. I really don't want to finish writing this post, because I'd rather go hang on the sofa and knit it while watching whatever the TiVo's been hanging onto for me this week while I watched The Wire (Season 4 was amazing - heartbreaking, too).

Which is good, because it's my OWL for the House Cup, and I have a deadline of July 31 for it to be finished. (That's a nice soft deadline, my hard deadline is in early November.) At my current pace, being done by the end of July will not be an issue. So that's awesome.


Yeah, I just went and watched tv and knit for a few hours. That's all I got. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crumbs, I know


Here's a super-happy pair of socks.

Having a minor knitting lull lately. Started new plain socks, still working on a few other things.