Monday, April 14, 2008

Fibery Weekend

There are no pictures. The husband absconded with the camera this weekend 'cross the country. If you want pictures of the Phoenix NASCAR race, those we (probably) have, but pictures of my fiber antics are nonexistent.

I spent Friday night and Sunday on the sofa knitting. And watching Doctor Who. I had no idea, but it's seriously awesome. The Who, that is. The red sweater now actually looks like a sweater, it has sleeve holes and everything. That's seriously awesome too. Of course, it was perfectly temperate on Friday when I lit into it, and Saturday it was cold and nasty and ergh. I totally blame the sweater. Nevertheless, it's moving along and I luuurve it. I was afraid the stockinette would be boring, but it's not, it's peaceful. It's zen.

Saturday was The Fiber Event in Greencastle. I went with a list and spent time with the stash before going, so I actually didn't spend as much as I thought I would. Bonus: I won a door prize, some 600 yards of mohair boucle in red and purple. It's yummy and while it's nothing I would have chosen for myself, I think I'll have fun with it. I scored some Trekking HandArt, which I am totally psyched about. It's currently displayed on my mantel, it's so pretty and bright green (the Brazil, I got Atlantik as well, and it's yummy and also on the mantel)!

I also tried a wheel and I may need one. I'm reading up and doing a little research. I've been reading Abby Franquemont for a while, and I vaguely want to study at her knee and have her be my spinning guru.

Long day, there were cakewaffles for breakfast. It was fun. Returning to work and math today was less so. Meanwhile, there's a math event this weekend, so I'll be absent from Mad Knitting. Although I'm sure the red sweater and the socks in progress will come along as well. Oh, and there's a yarn shop a couple blocks from the host campus, so yay for knitting tourism.

That's all I've got. Mid-first sock on two pairs, mid-sweater, a few smaller things floating about. Multiple half-formed ideas, as always.

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Paige Darling said...'re always welcome to give my wheel a try if you're thinking about getting one. It's a Kromski so that may be something unappealing- everyone here has Ashfords of some sort. Oh well, you know how to reach me if you'd like to try being a spinster!