Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh fine, I'll post

I feel like I haven't had much to say. I have been knitting since Christmas, but I've also been frogging - or deciding to frog, even if I haven't done it yet, some things. The things I've started aren't really looking like anything yet, and I had something cool in a sock, but I frogged it back to the start of the coolness, to make it more cool. So yeah. Not much to show.

I did take a few hours at the turn of the year to get my stash room a touch more organized. My sock stash had been sharing a bookcase with my fun books, and they were starting to have a hard time coexisting. So in addition to entering my entire sock stash on Ravelry, I moved it to its own place. Here's a book rack that hasn't been used since it lived in my dorm, but it's entirely full of sock yarn:

sock stash

That's 12.18 miles of sock yarn, and I've managed to not add to it since then.

I've been spinning, too, and while that's still in-progress (I'm working on getting a lightweight three-ply of the same pink-and-purple stuff, and I'm on the second bobbin, barely. I've gotten a new spinner started - my college friend Melinda played with my wheel for a morning and then got her own!

I got 2 pounds of corriedale top with my wheel, and last night I decided I would probably never spin it unless it had some color, so I pulled out the kool-aid and vinegar. Here's 4 oz of roving, drying...

kool blue corrie

I love the color Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade gives you. I think this needs to be lace. Once the pink-and-purple is done.

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