Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend with Amy

In Nancy Bush's class at Sock Summit two years ago, there was a woman who identified herself as a "class-taker". I resolved a while ago to be the same way, and I think it's really really good for me, and I think I should do a more in-depth post about why later.

So when the Indianapolis Knitting Guild made arrangements to bring in Amy Detjen for a weekend workshop, I jumped to sign up without thinking. (In doing so, I made it so I missed a weekend retreat with my grad school math pals, and I'm still kicking myself a little about that - isn't it grand and terrible to have so many options for good times?)

Camnesia happened again. The only picture I have from the weekend is the one I sent my husband in reply to the "I'm in a happy place" picture he sent me from the racetrack in Phoenix. It's below:
Brioche class

It was fantastic spending the weekend with local knitters outside my usual group. There were several of my Thursday night pals there, too, but I got to talk some with several of the knitters I only see once a month or so. It was excellent to see Lana, who came from Terre Haute for the weekend. She's got a sock pattern in the Twist Collective that went live today!

Amy Detjen is awesome. There were three classes and a more informal evening session, and I learned a lot. Every time I spend time with Amy I leave seriously considering trying to move to Madison just to hang out with her more. I want to knit more colorwork and brioche and sweaters and everything.

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