Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Magic Playlist

There was a joke a week or so ago on How I Met Your Mother where Ted said a girl he dated said "her favorite band is Glee." Yeah, that's me. It's not a new phenomenon though - in high school my cds were all movie soundtracks. My first cassette, once my seven-year-old-self could choose my own stuff, was The Monkees (I was so sad to hear of Davy Jones's death today). Music was always something that came along with something else I liked, not anything I sought out for its own sake.

I was out walk/running this afternoon because it was warm and clear and my first 5k of the year is in a week and a half, and it occurred to me that I've been listening to the same running playlist for over a year. My workout playlist of choice is called "January Treadmill" and it dates back to January 2011. So that's thirteen months so far, and I don't see it getting old. I made monthly playlists when I thought to when I was setting out on my 500 mile challenge, but I made one after this one and it wasn't near as good, so I quit.

I have thought of sharing it before, but, given my non-taste in music, I didn't figure anyone would care. Also, there's quite a lot of Glee. But seriously, THIRTEEN MONTHS of this and I still love it. I put it together to last about the time I would spend walking my 2.5 mile route, but last weekend I finished that route with 3 songs left. Go me.

So here you go:
January Treadmill
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) -- The Proclaimers
Joy to the World -- Three Dog Night
A Beautiful Morning -- The Rascals
Learn To Fly -- Foo Fighters
Hoedown Throwdown -- Miley Cyrus
4 Minutes -- Glee
Hey Julie -- Fountains of Wayne
Sweet Home Alabama -- Lynyrd Skynyrd
Teenage Dream -- Glee
Afternoon Delight -- Starland Vocal Band
September -- Earth Wind and Fire
Forget You -- Glee
Ring of Fire -- Johnny Cash
Party in the USA -- Miley Cyrus
Time After Time -- Cyndi Lauper

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Paige Darling said...

Hey Julie is one of my favorite songs ever- it always puts me in a better mood!