Friday, January 18, 2008


The reason I haven't posted is because I haven't really finished anything. At all.

unfinished pink blob

That's the pink Tuscany shawl. Ends are not woven, blocking hasn't happened.

And then there's those nagging cabled socks.


The toe of the first was reknit, and there's a little wonkiness there. They need blocking and end-weaving too.

Of course, not finishing these things hasn't stopped me from starting others. First there are the Socks That Mean Nothing to Me, whose simplicity I reveled in when those brown ones got too demanding.

The socks that mean nothing to me

There's not much to them, but they have their use.

And I started another lace project. Well, but for the actual lace. I got as far as the hem, then stopped about a week ago. I need to get back to it.

But I got distracted.


Slippery socks, the pattern is from the winter Knitty, and it's fabulous. The yarn is Woolly Boully Softie in Lunamoth, I got it from the Loopy Ewe a few months back. The two work together beautifully. The colors are super-bright, and the pattern helps them step up individually in a way they might not otherwise.

So that's the story of the past few weeks. Nothing finished, but something might be soon.

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kerlaine said...

your pink shawl is lovely and I like the slipper socks you are beginning