Monday, January 7, 2008


Second cabled sock has two mistakes, the first I was going to live with, the second I won't, so I'm figuring while I'm frogging I might as well deal with both. Which means tonight needs to be all about the dratted sock, since there's 20 rounds that are going away in a few minutes. I am feeling the need for a different sock pattern in my life, so I want this thing finished. The pattern is written but for the toe, which needs reworked from the first sock anyway.

Pink shawl needs ends woven in. And blocked.

And I have to get back into work mode today, because I have class tomorrow night and training the next.

Pictures eventually.

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Paige Darling said...

Come on Janet! Weave in those ends! It will take you less time that it takes me to do my math homework! (Acutally you could probably knit a whole new shawl in the time it takes me to do my math homework...just sayin'...)