Sunday, March 2, 2008

Safety Green!

I dig green. Somewhere in eighth-grade art class, I realized how many awesome colors green is. Hunter, kelly, lime, puke, they're all shades of green, right?

In grad school, the best one to me got a name. Lime is good, neon is good, but when we were issued freakishly bright yellow-green t-shirts as Science Olympiad staff, we were informed the color was Safety Green.

I've been flirting for months with some neon yellow Dale of Norway in Mass Ave's clearance room. I bought some of the neon green. And sometime over the summer, I picked up a box of McCormick Neon food coloring for just the purpose I put it to this weekend.

I have about 100 yards of safety green wool. Cool, huh?

neon green

Seems like just the thing to play with to make the nasty icy grayness of the world seem a little better.

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