Friday, February 29, 2008

On the Horizon

I'm thinking Mother's Day socks for my mom, birthday socks for my mother-in-law. Mathy housewarming/hostess dishcloths for a friend who just bought a house and is planning the Auburn alumni not-exactly-fake mini-conference we try and have annually. So that's May, June, and July. There's the space invaders scarf for the husband, which probably is going to happen eventually. It would be good to have that for his August birthday, except he won't use it in August, so I may put it off till Christmas. Plus I want to finish the red wrap sweater before the semester's out - we're at midterm now.

Which means that my half-term class is about over. My night class has been over for a week, and so my effective workload starting in two weeks is half what it has been. Which means that I will have more time to knit, starting soon! (I've got a section or two worth of algebra to prep for this week, I'll have tests in all four classes to grade starting Monday, but after that, I get a week off! Yaaay!)

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