Sunday, May 4, 2008

Casting off

Ergh. Last night I got through the body of the red sweater. There was some "Long enough? No - yes - no!" drama, but eventually I got it decided and cast off however many bajillion stitches exist at the lower hem of a wrap sweater. And then I picked up near two hundred stitches for the neck band, where I'm two and a half of four rows in, and then those get bound off too. At a medium tension - as opposed to the loose one from the hem. Ergh.

I'm definitely of the opinion that casting on is better than casting off. This may be part of my top-down sock preference. I'm probably developing a bottom-up sweater preference as well.

In knitting milestones, I broke my first dpn tonight. Stepped on my sock-in-progress and snapped a 2.5mm Brittany needle. Currently thinking I'll sand the ends of the pieces and make cable needles - not that I use cable needles much lately, but it might be worthwhile nevertheless. Considering I've been knitting socks on wooden dpns for a year now, it's about time I did something dumb like that.

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