Monday, May 12, 2008

Yeah, I'm seeing a theme to my knitting lately.

red period?

Shades of pink and red are dominating. Happens with other stuff too.


Once I finished the periwinkley stuff Paige got me started with, I pulled red coopworth (I think) out of the stash and started on it. That red bobbin is half of it. I did a second bobbin of singles and then plied them. (This is what kept me from leaving till about two hours after my original intentional departure time this morning - spinning makes time go away in a crazy way. I feel the treadling once I stand up.)

That thing you haven't seen before in the first pic? That's the Quinn cabled bag. I got the top band finished a few weeks ago and tried to graft it about half a dozen times till I finally got over it and did a three-needle bindoff. Bags are allowed seams. I'm almost over it. It's super pretty and I think I'll like it once it's done. It's definitely the beta brainwave pattern I've been looking for.


Yay. Yum.

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