Sunday, June 1, 2008

Things that haven't made it to picture phase yet

Finished and blocked pink wrap. It needs to also make it to the intended recipient, but meanwhile I keep reaching for it when I feel a tad chilly. LOVE it, and I probably need one just for me in a more me color. Although the bubblegum pink grew on me. (Seriously, I need to go get myself some wool for my own wrap, or that one's never getting mailed.)

Knucks out of Hempwol that I picked up in Nashville. Yummy blue yarn, happy blue gloves. Need to bind off the second, the first still needs ribbing.

Orange dishcloth for kid brother. First in a series, he may get a small collection of various patterned cloths from the same yarn. Another friend needs green dishcloths by mid-July. Dishcloths are not my favorite, but I'm feeling the itch lately.

Red sweater is a cuff and a mess of i-cord from being done. Whoo hoo.

Started a lace scarf of my own design for the grandmother I have yet to knit for. I'm thinking this may be a long-term thing, since it's pretty mindless yet still a tad fiddly.

Stalled: Quinn bag, plain dark socks, feather and fan socks.

I have new sock yarn that's begging to be cast on (Nashville is a yarny happy place - did I mention?), but I'm trying to finish my two second socks first. Summer of Socks, needless to say, isn't such a thing for me this year. Am I changing my sock-whore ways? We shall see. I think the one-piece sweater is not something to knit during the summer. Good thing mine is almost finished.

I have plans to replicate the afghan that my grandmother made my mom ages ago (and with which the Kid Brother and I grew up) in non-seventies colors. The pattern is a classic Red Heart crochet one that I came across a long time ago. I've been trying to find the appropriate palette since. I'm thinking it's going to be Christmas for the Kid Brother. (Never mind that the appropriate palette is still in the works - a Hobby Lobby trip may be in order.)

That's all I can think of, and I'm about out of evening. Need to clean the kitchen and maybe finish this dishcloth before bed.

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