Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Festival of Finishing

Many thanks to Mandie for having me over for end-weaving and chinese food Sunday night. This post is brought to you by her hospitality.

Newest stuff first: another Mason-Dixon dishcloth. The first in another trio of dishcloths, the second has been started, the third will happen someday.

Next to the grass, the sage green looks kind of grey, but I think it'll look nice in a pink kitchen.

The trio of cloths for the Kid Brother:

They're fun.

And then the happy hempwol Knucks.

So amused. They're totally not useful at this moment in time, but I will enjoy them in the fall.

Ends got woven on the green string bag too, but it doesn't have handles yet, so it's not technically finished. I have the handles, I just haven't attached them. So that's another post soon. Working on getting other things done. Quinn got picked up again over the weekend, a heel was turned on the grey work socks, and Mom was asking about her Mother's Day socks yesterday, so I'm a little shamed there. Ravelry says I only have four projects going now, and a couple of those are pretty close to finished, so that's something. (Of course, the new dishcloth hasn't made it in, and neither has my crocheted pillow stuff, but never mind, things are getting done here.)

Okay. Should probably work on Real Job and Real Life stuff now. Food may or may not exist in my kitchen, so that's something to remedy.

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