Friday, June 20, 2008

Finishing. Or not.

Have been on a Tour of Local Craft Stores lately to try and find notions to finish the green bagstopper. (Cast off Wednesday morning before school. When I get obsessive, I get obsessive, really.) And in doing so, I wandered up to Hobby Lobby today, at which I saw the new sock yarns from Lion Brand and Red Heart in the wild. They are both pretty and about $10 for a pair of socks. I vaguely preferred the colors in the Heart and Sole to the Sock-Ease, but both look good.

There was an orange/rust/brown/navy shaded one in the Red Heart that I totally would have taken home today if there had been two - Lion is doing 100g balls, Red Heart is doing 50g ones. Each company had apparently sent a sampling of single balls to Hobby Lobby, that they then put on the shelf. Kind of amusing, but frustrating today, because I totally would have knit the orange and blue during football season. War Eagle.

Turned the heel on the second neverending work sock today. I also wore my red sweater. Finished knitting the knucks and the last Kid Brother dishrag at knit night last night. Am considering a festival of end-weaving this weekend. Or knocking out a few other small things. We'll see. I have tv on dvd to watch, so things are good.

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