Friday, June 13, 2008

It's like a clown car in there.

Despite today's grayness, I have been meaning to photograph and blog some stuff for a while (note last post), and just hadn't gotten there. The blocking growth pictures of the pink shawl are locked away in the husband's pc, so I'll get a new picture of that, and then there's the finished sweater and that's it, right? No more "but there's no sun!" excuses. Photos today!

Pink Wrap:
Still in love. Need to dispatch it. Don't want to let it go.

Red Sweater:
This turned out well. It's my new favorite thing.

Of course then there's the rest of the stuff in The Bag. The Quinn Bag hasn't changed much since the last photo and the two socks in progress are second socks, so they're boring. But hey, there's knucks:

Yummy yummy hempwol.

There's dishcloths:
Mason-Dixon dishcloth and one from Designer One-Skein Wonders.

There's the helmetliner I started last week at the State Museum:
I'll probably mostly just work on it when I volunteer there, but it's a nifty little balaclava pattern, I dig it.

And that's just the everyday knitting bag. There's a lace scarf that sits by my chair and thus totally didn't get inventoried by the camera, and the crocheted pillow that has a back barely begun - living in a different bag with all the colors of acrylic in which I am knitting it.

Have I shown my handspun? Paige lent me her lovely Kromski Symphony a few weeks back while she went traveling. My results are below:
From left to right in order of spinning. The peachy stuff is my favorite, it was an insanely fine single that I chain-plied. I will be getting a wheel. The question is when.

And while I'm not usually a "flash my stash" kind of girl, but I went a little nuts at the Hoosier Hills Fiber Fair on Saturday, and so here is my haul. There's a good assortment of fiber types, some dyed, some not, and a lone skein of sock yarn that (in my defense) will make an awesome pair of work socks.

The beautiful greeny-blue and pink are from Creatively Dyed, as I'd been coveting her stuff since the Fiber Event in April. The sock yarn is Lotus Yarns Nirvana in "I Wanna Be Sedated" (that song gets into my head every time I look at the skein. I'm hoping the socks have the same quality.). The light blue in the plastic bag is a mill-end merino-silk mix that I totally fell for while trying out a Kromski Sonata. (I'm leaning toward a Kromski, can you tell?) I'm trying to return to my spindling for a few weeks/months/however long it takes for me to figure out what's best as far as wheel-buying goes. I should still have plenty when the wheel does come.

That's all for now. Summer is here-ish, we've had all kinds of stormy weather, and I'm leaning toward getting things finished and working mostly on smallish projects for the foreseeable future. (As in, till August. The Olympics are coming, I'm going to crochet an afghan for them, and that, my friends, will be epic.)

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