Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well, that didn't work

So, remember last Friday, when I dragged all my WIPs out of my knitting bag and posted them here in the hopes of finishing some of them?

Nope, didn't work.

So here's two new things! A third dishcloth:
clown color dishcloth

I love this stitch pattern, I totally ganked it from Mandie, (ravelry link) who made it up one night at knit night. It's totally fun and awesome. The yarn was a random "need yarn" ball that I grabbed during a chance trip to wal-mart, and the orange in it goes with the other two orange dishcloths, so I think the three are going to go together out to Kid Brother soonish. Of course they'll all need ends woven soon enough. :)

And then! I was rooting through the cotton stash bag and came across a bunch of lime green cotton - bought in the same way as the multicolor above - but long enough ago that I didn't knit yet. There's more yellow in the green than is showing in this picture, the yarn is Lily Elite Cotton in Spearmint. I think I tried to crochet it into something once and then quit. But anyway, here's what's happened to it since Saturday:

obsession bag

The pattern is the ubiquitous Everlasting Bagstopper, and once I got through the bottom, it's love. Super-easy mesh pattern, it grows pretty fast, (although I'm getting to the "I need a marker to move up" black hole part) and somehow it's a comforting knit. I want to use it soon.

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