Monday, June 30, 2008


What I said Thursday: I have no babies to knit for! Boo!

What my cousin L called to say on Sunday: I'm pregnant! Yaay!

Yes, I'm totally judging this news based on my current yen to knit baby things. My summer of small things almost demands baby knitting, don't you think? Even though baby's not due till well into winter.

First up, EZ's February baby sweater, which I've started (I actually started on Friday), frogged back to the first increase because I forgot buttonholes, got back up to where the lace should start, but now I'm thinking I have gauge issues and this is far too tiny for any size human to actually wear, so it may be frogged and restarted again, either with larger needles or different yarn.

Tomorrow I need to clean the stash guest room, and I'm planning on taking the opportunity to see what exists in the stash closet that is baby-appropriate.

Meanwhile, I've got a deadline a little more than a week off for Mom's feather and fan socks, and I'm almost to a second heel flap. I've broken down the rest of the foot into daily-ish assignments, so that I can get it done without totally submerging myself in it and imbuing the sock with bitterness. Time to take care of that for the night. (While watching History Channel's "All About Dung." Good times.)

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