Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Victory is mine!

Mother's Day socks are finished, only a couple months late. Well, the knitting is finished. There are still ends to deal with, but that can happen easily before Thursday's trip.


Probably the last time I work with Regia Bamboo. I know some people love it, but it's not something I enjoyed knitting.

I finally checked out Cat Bordhi's magical mobius book, and had to immediately start a mobius wrap. Wow, but this method is cool! Mine is the purl ridge variation, cast on 144 stitches, on my Denise set's longest few cords, and a size 13 needle. Oh, and it's chunky Malabrigo, so it's perhaps the coziest thing ever. I'm almost through one skein, I have two more, so we'll see how big it gets. If I don't feel the need to keep it for myself, it may become a Christmas gift.



And here's a snapshot of my life: I've been watching enough Doctor Who lately that when we turned to CSPAN the other night to watch Question Time with the Prime Minister (which is fun, we should totally do that here), I kept waiting for the killer aliens to descend.

Much to do today, so I'm going to get to it.

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