Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Small things

Finished: Work socks. I wove in ends yesterday morning and wore them to work. A vast improvement over the store-bought socks I usually wear. I'll have to do this again soon. (Considering I've been buying work-appropriate sock yarn since the spring, I don't think there will be a problem there...)


64-stitch cuff in a 3x1 rib, going down to a 60-stitch foot. I dig it.

Started: Anne-trelac socks. Pink and PINK, Lorna's Laces. They seemed kind of big, but I put them on waste yarn and tried them on, and they'll be fine. I'm amused by the construction. Learning to knit backward a bit.


They're going fast. Ish. I pick them up and want to finish a tier, so they'll be done soon. As long as I keep picking them up, that is. They may be a gift. Not sure how much I need them.

And here's a baby sweater:


Or at least its sleeves, which I started rather than swatching. Got gauge on sleeve one, so full steam ahead. This will probably be done soon, because it's yummy.

And here's a box-o-yarn. The Olympics are a very few weeks away, and I am prepared.

Olympics project

Whoo hoo. Epic plans. Need to crochet a strip of afghan approximately every two days, so that's going to be a doozy of a couple of weeks.

And before they wilt and fade, here is a small thing that makes me happy outside my door every day:


Hope you have a great day!

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