Sunday, August 3, 2008

Clearing the needles

Or not.

Pre-Olympic stuff:

I started a little plaything last night - Doddy, and I got a little math-geeky after I started, so there will need to be another, geekier one later. If this stops halfway till the Olympics are over, no big.

The knitting is finished but the finishing is not on the fantastic Quinn bag, and I would like to have that usable before the Olympics start.

I have a couple socks going, the Anne-trelac will (hopefully) get to the end of the entrelac part of the first and then go away for a little while (till I get Christmas crazy?), the plain purse socks will stay in the purse for emergency knitting.

I'm going to try and finish up the green baby sweater this week. And the mobius wrap.

There's also the Mooninites pillow that has been languishing in a half-crocheted state forever. I'd like to surprise the husband with that for his birthday this month, so that would need to be finished before the Olympics too.

Of course the main thing that needs to be finished this week is the term at hand. Final exams tomorrow. Grades due Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the Colts play the first game of the preseason, and NBC keeps reminding me, "Five Days till the Opening Ceremonies!"

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