Thursday, August 28, 2008

Olympic Insanity, Day 21: All Over But the Seaming

I did not finish the crocheting at knit night tonight. I finished soon after coming home. There are five long seams left to sew, plus three strips' worth of ends to deal with.

I have been having balance issues the past couple of weeks, and I think this afghan is partly to blame. My fiber time has been less calming and more agitating than I like, and not loving my project and not loving my yarn has not helped. I gladly snatched up my languishing baby sweater and knit away on the Happy Forest goodness.

So here's what I now know:

  • I need color. This grey monogamy has been bad for my mental health.
  • I do not love crocheting the way that I love knitting. For me it is less meditative, less automatic, and less soothing.
  • I made up a row-marker scheme that kept me from counting and recounting as I went, and it helped a lot. At a glance, I could tell how much work was left.
  • I can talk a good game about the Olympics being about personal challenges and going higher than I thought possible, but when I don't make it, I do tend to get down on myself. Especially when things keep taking longer than I think they should. I am glad to be finished.
  • I do love my kid brother, and I'm glad he's going to have this blanket. But I may just knit hats for the rest of the fam for Christmas.

Project specs in the FO post, including the pattern story, when I get it seamed and finished.

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