Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Insanity, day 2

Progress photos ahoy!

This was taken around 6:30pm today, August 9. First strip is finished lengthwise, and the border is more than halfway around the first round. Currently totally stymied by the second round, because it requires crocheting into a chain every third stitch, and it's kind of dark in my house, and it's essentially black yarn. I was hoping to get more done watching tonight's IndyCar race, but the dark plus the needing to see that tiny chain stitch was getting to me.

Day 1

In case you're thinking I'm doing a mini-afghan, here's the length stretched on my sofa.


Yup, I'm making a half-dozen charcoal-on-grey scarves and sewing them together. I must really love my kid brother.

Looking forward to tomorrow's short crocheting day - a trip to the State Fair will be just the thing to rest my wrists and right elbow, which have recently started protesting their overuse.


Paige Darling said...

holy crap that's fast. good luck...we both need it.

laurie said...

it looks reallyyyy blue in the first photo.
state fair--pre determined break. does the rest of the team know this? or a great ploy for the gold:)