Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympic insanity, day 1

Woke up and started crocheting this morning. SciFi is having a Doctor Who marathon today, which should mean I get a good start.

Finished the Mobius yesterday, it's warm and yummy and lovely.


A crochet-y couple of weeks are at hand, and I was panicking some last night at putting away the knitting. There's actually still a piece of baby sweater in my living room and a sock in my purse, so it's not a total swap of hook for needles, but I'm still quite out of my comfort zone.

I'm thinking we get chinese food tonight at my house.

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mmmcherry said...

hey! your mobius scarf is very pretty!!! i came across it while doing a google search... what type of ribbing pattern did you do? ive never seen one quite like that!! gorgeous!

*heart* heather ;)~