Sunday, September 28, 2008

Other Leafy and/or Green things

Leafy and Green: a sweater for a cousin's baby - since the sweater was begun, the intended child has revealed himself to be a boy, and his name will be Jonathan, after his dad.

Baby Jonathan's sweater

Buttons are leaves, and I love them.

Leafy and Green: A stole - or at least the beginning of one.

Leafy Greens 2

I wasn't in love with it, so I blocked out the first few repeats. I think it'll be cool, but it's not as compelling as the first leafy green shawl. It's not as easy to memorize, either.

And just green: A cabled cardigan. Here's the sleeve.

Twist Sleeve

I love it. I spent a lot of yesterday finishing the baby sweater, and started actually seaming the afghan, so there hasn't been much knitting on this since Friday. The cable pattern is already getting into my head, I am pleased.

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