Saturday, October 25, 2008


socks that mock

These are yummy, warm, cushy and brightly colored, and I love them. Yarn is Socks that Rock Mediumweight in Seastone. The pattern is Mockery (I only cast on 60), and it's lovely in its subtlety. These socks would be pretty awesome with just the yarn's swirling stripeyness, but add a touch of undulating pattern to it, and they're really darn cool.

My friend Laura Jean commented to me the other day that "All those started socks cracked me up. It's like they expanded to use all the needles available plus one!" And Mandie had said something similar on Thursday, that I had so many socks going because I had too many sock needles. And so I'm going to inventory here - let's see just how many socks I could have going at once:

  1. Size 0 - One set of Brittany birch needles, not in use.
  2. Size 1 - Set of Brittany birch, which I put in Chris's black socks on Thursday night, before that they'd been on a set of Darn Pretty Needles, and there's a set of Clover bamboo needles that is down to four these days. The pink and pink entrelac socks belong on size 1's.
  3. Size 1.5 - Arguably my favorite size, there's a set of HiyaHiya bamboo which have grey Monkey socks on them now, and another down-to-four set of Brittany birch, which have grey plain striped work socks. Jane's blue and grey socks also go on this size.
  4. Size 2 - Favorite sock needles are the Lantern Moon rosewood set that the above socks were worked on, also a set of Brittanys, which were my first sock needles.
  5. Size 2.5 - Knit Picks Harmony needles are currently not in use for socks, but for a cotton dodecahedron, there is also a set of Bryspun plastic needles, and I also have a pair of 16" circular needles that I have used for socks.
  6. Size 3 - Clover bamboo 7" needles, never used for socks. But they could be. Mandie's consolation socks have been tempting me lately.
So yeah, I have enough needles to have 12 socks going at once, of different sizes and gauges. I think given these circumstances, having four three active pairs and two in a static partially-completed state is not unreasonable. (Yay for rationalization, eh?)

Anyway, I'm going to spend the day actually knitting some stuff, now that that accounting is done. I think I could probably finish that dodecahedron this weekend if I tried. There have been no pictures of it here because it's truly weird-looking so far. I think once it's finished and stuffed, it will be adorable. But it's really not right now.

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