Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, huh

dodec ball

Yeah, you know how you can blow a bubble with a wand shaped like a square or a heart or a star or however you want, but the bubble is going to be round?

Yeah. This was knit as a dodecahedron, but you start stuffing something with non-rigid sides that is topologically equivalent to a sphere, and yeah, it's a ball. Oh well, it's still darn cute, and it's finished, so that's awesome.

I have a spinning wheel on its way to me. I broke through my decision paralysis with a great deal on a Kromski Sonata from Copper Moose in Vermont. I'm looking forward to it.


Paige Darling said...

OH MY God! Congratulations on the wheel! Can't wait to see some handspun! Woot!

PegAlex said...

Notes the perfect pair decreases - well done!

laurie said...

what a neat ball!!!! and a spinning wheel lots of neat things!!