Thursday, December 25, 2008

Taking a tie and calling it a victory. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Yesterday, two boys under the age of ten played a mess of football in 70 degree weather wearing new striped wool hats. I win.

On Anne-trelac: Yesterday I woke up and had half a heel flap on the second sock and half of a foot still to knit on the first. This morning, I gave them to my mother with only a toe missing. By this afternoon, she had a complete (and awesome!) new pair of socks. They weren't done by Christmas morning, but they were done before Christmas dinner. I win.

(Again, project monogamy is amazing - why do I not do this more?)

In sad yarny news, something broke somewhere in my brother's afghan and there's a hole that I am now determined to patch before I leave town. Having left all the yarn for his blanket in Indiana (in retrospect, I vastly underestimated my ability to rise to the occasion of Christmas knitting and I will likely need more yarn before the week's out) I will need to hit Michaels tomorrow to fix it.

Merry Christmas to all.

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