Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Whew. Okay then.

Well, hmm. I keep meaning to post stuff, but more, I've been meaning to get some knitting done. I've had a pair of work socks all ready to wear but for weaving in a couple of ends since Thanksgiving. The great grey afghan seems (seams?) huger as Christmas looms nearer. I'm making good progress on a pair of plain socks that are a Christmas gift, but other than that, not much is happening. Except, y'know, work.

But as of tomorrow, I'm done with teaching new material in all five classes, and once I've got my Geometry/Trig final written, there's only grading left to do. Woohoo! (That's where we are in the semester. Grading gets a "woohoo!")

In that spirit, I updated my sidebar to cover my Christmas knitting goals. We'll see what happens there. Reality may well probably will come smack me around soon enough.

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