Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A note from Jake and other stuff

I got a cute facebook thank-you from Jake today:

"Thank you so much for my new favorite hat! As I am a baldie, this is not only a welcome fashion accessory, but an integral part of my survival. Thank you for saving my life and making me look cool."

My kid brother's friends are as smart and nice as he is. I only regret I didn't get pictures of the hats, because I really like them. I'm on a bit of a jag, two essentially identical hats done (and in charcoal and gray!) and I could still make more, and I may well do so.

The weekend with family was awesome and now I want to knit for everyone for Christmas. I feel like I have not been working ahead this year. Last year at this point I had socks for Dad and a hat for Kid Brother and had only a pair of socks left to knit. This year nothing is finished. I have four giant seams to sew in kid brother's afghan, a half a sock that could be for my mom, one sock for my mother-in-law, ideas for a hat for my father-in-law, and no clues for dad or my new step-people. (I think probably the fact that I want to knit for more people this year is really more of the trouble...)

The hats may be the answer. If I can keep up the pace I had, I can get four hats in two weeks, and we're still a touch more than four weeks out.

Stay tuned. Things might get interesting in the next month...

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