Sunday, November 23, 2008


Before I yammer about the knitting, everything came together as it should this weekend. Dad is out of the hospital and married, and I had a great weekend with family. I am now home and glad to be here and get to sleep in my own bed tonight, but I'm looking forward to returning for Christmas.

I took yarn for seven projects. Sweater, shawl, scarf, 3 socks, and a hat. I worked on one hat and one sock. I did show off the handspun, so the scarf wasn't a complete waste, but yeah, otherwise carried much more than was necessary. Kind of predictable, that.

Finished Jake's hat, and the second current work sock is well on its way to the toe. I will have new socks for work after Thanksgiving, so that's awesome.

I came home wanting to knit for everybody. I think I can be a bit controlled this Christmas, but next year may be insane.

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