Thursday, November 13, 2008

Timing is everything

Due to my late night last night and a paradoxically ridiculously productive day following, I was at knit night tonight and zooming along on my yummy handspun scarf. I had managed to forget the rest of the pink that's still displayed on my mantel (Yeah, pictures soon. Someday the sun will come out and I'll be home during daylight!), so I was about out of yarn for that, though, and all of a sudden my phone's ringing.

It's my kid brother. I'm going to see him in about a week - we're both going home for our Dad's wedding, and we took a few minutes to compare notes on how prepared we are for all this. I have two new dresses, and he's got a breaking car with 300,000 miles on it. So he'll be renting a car to get home next weekend. On top of that, he left his hat that I made him last year at friends' house overnight, and returned this morning to the news that the friends' dog had eaten the hat. So really, it turns out that this whole conversation was a way of asking for a new hat. Male, drab, I'm welcome to riff a little, doesn't have to be the same as the last time. Oh, and btw, his friend Jake would like a grey hat too.

And because I can't say no to the kid, I come home and cast on. For the kid. Jake with the wool-eating dog may or may not get a hat.

(I found a waffle rib hat pattern on ravelry, but I may make it garter rib. I've been wearing my blue fuzzy garter rib socks, and I'm feeling the love.)

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