Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little nutty

This week was going to be crazy to begin with. I am going south to be in my dad's wedding on Saturday. Plus it's the last couple of days before the thanksgiving break, so much insanity exists at work.

Last night I got a call that Dad's ill. All should be well in due time, but it's kind of scary at the moment, in the hospital/antibiotics/IV fluids kind of way. I'm still going south, it's just all of a sudden I'm much more worried about what I'll find there.

My current coping mechanism is hat-knitting. The garter rib one I knit for my brother over the weekend is terribly happy, so I'm making a second (Jake wanted one, after all). It works okay, but I'm not getting as much done as I wanted to beyond the hat.

Now it's bedtime, so I'm going to take the hat with me. Class early tomorrow. Massive piles of grading to do. Night.

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Paige Darling said...

oh my- I don't know what's worse- the illness or the wedding (sorry, bad joke). Hugs coming your way...I'm sure everything will be fine! Keep knitting and keep that chin up!