Friday, March 27, 2009


How did I go a month without blogging?

I think I just haven't had much to say. I finished one thing since the last post. And it deserves and will get its own post. I'm working on several second socks. The knitting penance shawl is continuing, although my commitment to "knit a repeat every week" has faded some. There's a green sweater (remember?) that is still coming along, slowly.

I'm still knitting, just slowly. And I'm occasionally taking time out to detangle yarn for Mandie. She's also gotten me obsessed with Lost so I spent spring break slogging along on socks and watching tv over the internet.

So see, the reason I haven't been blogging? Because I'm working on the same projects I had in September. The first sighting of the current grey socks was in early October.

I have to finish something soon, right?

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Knit Wit said...

yeah, how is that yarn coming, anyway?

(my verification word is ingeoz)