Friday, December 4, 2009

New Boyfriend

Right before Halloween, the Knitty Surprises went live, including the fantastic pattern My Vampire Boyfriend. The socks were gorgeous, and the writeup totally clever (the side cables are called "Bitemark Cables," and I had that elusive "OMG must cast on NOW!" reaction to it.

Thing is, I'm not really a vampire girl. I watched a few seasons of Buffy a while ago, and while I loved her and the Scoobies, I was "meh" on the vamps. I haven't caught the True Blood mania (although I'll probably check it out sometime) nor the Twilight love (I picked up the book over Thanksgiving break and I really don't get it).

So instead I went to the green. Mandie had just gotten me a skein of her Yarn That Shall Not Be Named in her Fangorn Forest colorway and it struck me as a totally blood-green color - you know, if I had green blood.

And so here, after a month of cable insanity, are my socks - My Vulcan Boyfriend.


I am so in love.

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Paige Darling said...

I'm in love too! Those are great!