Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quick post


Here, have a picture of how I've gotten through the last week or two. I have one more week (that looks like it's going to be nutty and full of grading), and Diet Coke in liquid and fiber form is my go-to for the strength to go on. (Fiber is BFL from Spunky Eclectic in the colorway "Diet Coke," which cracks me up and makes me happy. The grey and red are lovely, although when I was spinning on the farm in Alabama over Thanksgiving, apparently people looked out the window and thought I was carrying around a dead squirrel, which is also hilarious. Spindle is my sock summit wheel-on-a-dowel job from Abby and Denny's spinning class, and I love it.)

I'm working on Christmas knitting, including an almost-finished pair of Lepidoptera Mitts, which are really cute and take less than 50 g of fingering weight yarn (which means I could totally make a pair from yarn in my sock leftovers box, now that I think about it. Win!). I have overcome my distaste for twisted rib for them, because it really works in these mitts. The pattern is from Allison at Simply Sock Yarn, who is having an awesome giveaway for the next few days: The 12 Days of Sock Yarn. Today it's pretty Fleece Artist Merino. Go check it out!

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Unknown said...

pretty amazing hand-spun diet coke yarn. Pretty amazing spinner. I sure do love everything that I own from this textile-enchanted girl...Thanks Janet for being yourself, what a blessing to me...Love, mom