Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long haul

Gentle readers, a pair of socks.


These socks were first seen in October 2008, when I decided it would be nice to make socks for my husband.

They were then summarily ignored until July of last year, when I realized the first one was too small for His feet.

I kept working. I have no clue or documentation of when the first was finished, but there was what I called a sock-and-a-half in May's piles o' stuff post.


And now they're finished. I have started and finished nine pairs of socks since I started these. I'm really proud of myself for not quitting on them. They're pretty great, although much is lost in the blackness of the yarn. This was more of a challenge than I thought it would be, and while I won't say Never Again, I'm definitely a little burned out on dark socks for a while. Too bad I have two other pairs on the needles.

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PegAlex said...

Well done.... I am very sure I could not knit in black ... the clocks are wonderful though..