Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pictures of Knitting

Look, it's a hat!

Brioche-stitch watchcap, or as EZ called it, "Prime Rib". Knit from handspun Falkland in the Spunky Club's "Zombies" colorway. What a pleasure this was! I still find the structure of the fabric mesmerizing. See, look:


Mmm. Yummy.

I'm past the sticking point on the first sleeve of my next sweater: it's orange and yummy. I'm not getting gauge, so I'm redoing the math to make it work - the yarn needs the tighter gauge, and I love the fit of my sleeve so far. Pullover in mmmalabrigo:


Orange. Very Orange. I'm hoping to have this finished for the start of football season (War Eagle!). We'll see. Stockinette is very good right now - but that's only 6 weeks off. Not sure I'm that fast - though I want to be. I can definitely get it done by the Iron Bowl, though, right? I need to crank through this, I've got at least 3 more sweaters I want to make rightnow due to Camp.

Need to talk about walking. Next time.

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Amanda said...

Oh your hat is so pretty! The pictures dont do the colors justice. I love how the striping turned out. Yay knitting camp!