Sunday, November 14, 2010


I've been having a lot of Stupid Knitting Errors lately. The Orange Sweater has been ripped out enough that I'm kind of amazed the yarn is still holding up. There was the Hideous Sleeve Incident, and the Unfortunately Giant Original Body. Never mind the usual stuff that happens with knit-purl patterns (oh no, I reverted to k2p2 instead of k4p2!) Anyway, after knitting nothing but the Orange Sweater for a couple weeks, I self-diagnosed with a pretty severe case of project fatigue, and went about looking for something else.

I started a pair of fingerless mittens for a friend a month or so ago. I knit the first one no problem. She tried it on and pronounced it Good. I went and cast on the second right away, but they soon languished after I finished the ribbing. I retrieved them from the bottom of my WIP basket this week. She asked for them back in the spring, and I said it'd probably be getting cool before I got to them. I didn't plan on making her wait this long though. Thursday night I started the thumb gusset on mitten number 2.

It was Saturday - two days and most of a mitten later - that I realized that I was knitting a second right-hand mitten.


Back to the drawing board. Or the start of the thumb gusset. Whichever. Either way, finishing these is my knitting goal for the weekend.

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