Sunday, January 2, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about fiber, yarn, and stashing lately. Part of this has been that last year, I really didn't buy as much yarn. I did buy quite a bit of fiber. But to some extent I'm feeling like I'm reaching an equilibrium point with both types of stash.

Basically, a couple of times in the last year or so, I've gone through my fiber and yarn stashes and found things I didn't really want to have or to eventually use. I've tried to be honest with myself about what I will eventually get to, and what I bought because it was on riot sale. Both the yarn and fiber stashes could probably use another pass. Recognizing yarns like that in my stash has helped me stop from buying more yarns for the same reason. I also did some trading of club fibers for shipments that I really loved.

So, in that spirit, I'm trying for a zero-sum year with my fiber stash. I have a lot, and I'm going to continue being a member of the Spunky Eclectic fiber club, so that's 4 oz a month that's coming to me. So I need to spin/use/give away 4 oz of fiber a month, or more if I want to buy more. First up is finishing the yarns that didn't quite make it in 2010. Yay spinning!

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