Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oy. Ow.

I've got four ends to weave in. And then done. 36 hours for half a sock, basically. Although there were some mistakes that needed fixing. And I slept fed myself and husband and taught a 3 hour lecture in there. These socks are full of stories, I screwed them up so many times. Only one mistake didn't get entirely removed, and that's probably ok, because if it had, they wouldn't be done yet.

Tomorrow I mail Christmas, and then I get to knit what I want. I'm thinking my sweater's been awfully patient the past couple of days and my hands could definitely use a break from 2.5mm needles.

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Virtuous said...

Ooh yeah my knitting could tell some stories too!

Don't you just love getting back to selfish knitting!

Merry Christmas!