Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Xmas issues

Christmas knitting is done and mailed, both pairs of socks and a hat. The knitting was fun. Once it was over, I fell apart a little.

(Side note: I washed the red socks this morning and dried them in the oven. 200 degrees, about thirty minutes, turning frequently. It was scary and nifty and amazing.)

My family is not so pretty and nuclear as it once was. This is hard for me, and sending the three presents I made to two different addresses, one I've never visited, was difficult. This is also the first Christmas I haven't been down south for, and despite the fact that I'm really happy to be spending the holiday here in my new home, this is a huge change.

So I'm a little goofy and emotionally twisted. I need to find some knitting to help that, don't you think?

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