Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Minor update

I've been walking, but not enough. Sinus/ear infection in September sidelined me for a couple weeks, but I'm back at it, baby. If I push it, I can make 200 miles by the end of the month.

Mandie blogged today, with pictures from Knitting Camp (remember that?). There are as many pictures of me as there are of Meg and Amy, which is flattering and a little weird. However, now I must have to have both of those sweaters. With waist shaping on both. For serious.

There's been other fibery stuff happening. Took a day of classes with the amazing Abby Franquemont, which has me spinning like a fiend again. Went to Corydon for the fall fiber festival this past weekend, and got my first taste of cotton spinning. Oh, and yesterday a Cricket came to my house. I'm hoping to get weaving by this weekend.

I'm going to go and ply some more yarn - that's been the story of the past couple of weeks - my Tour de Fleece goals are finally getting spun! And knit some on that pink sock I haven't touched lately.

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