Monday, October 25, 2010

Where's a mathematician when you need one?

Everybody look really close at this picture:

This photo was taken a month and a half ago. Do you see what it took me till last night to figure out?

That sleeve on the DPNs has a full repeat more stitches than the longer blocked one. 6 stitches more. THAT'S AN INCH or more. Without blocking, they look the same size. They're not. One has 54 stitches to start, the second has 60.

This is a major knitting error of the "Janet can't count" variety. I was really hoping to have this sweater knit by the Iron Bowl. We may be moving that goal back to whatever actual bowl game Auburn winds up playing.


Knit Wit said...

Does it make you feel any better that the Yarn Harlot just did the exact same thing with a pair of socks?

janet said...

Only a little. Her quote from this week that did make me feel better is this one: "Experienced knitters don't make fewer mistakes than new knitters. They make bigger ones faster."

Stupid numbers. Variables are so better.