Friday, June 15, 2007

Done! Progress! Crack!

Finally! They're done!

The second toe taught me things about kitchener stitch, like, for instance, I can't do it around other people. Here's a really bad dark picture of them on my feet, and the carpet I won't have to live with after a couple weeks.

Last night after my first kitchenering attempt, I gave up and worked on the sweater for a while. I'm still not sure it'll ever be done, but I'm seeing progress. Yay for that.

And I gave in. Here's another crack dishcloth. Seriously, if you haven't done one, don't start. They're crack. You can't just do one. I promise.

I started swatching at lunch today for Summer of Socks. I'm playing with the Bearfoot I got in Paducah, because it's just yummy and has been calling to me. I've been emboldened by how much sock yarn I keep having left over, so I'm doing a sock tube as described in No Sheep for You. I started out with zeroes, but that wasn't even worth casting on, I hated it so, so now I'm starting with 1.5's and will work my way up to threes. (We will ignore the fact that I don't have size 1 dpns and act like this is all good.) I cast on 32 stitches and split it between 4 needles. It seems a little silly, but it's not bad for amusement. I'm trying to decide if doing this with all the sock yarns in the stash is a little extreme, or a nice way to spend time between now and next week, and if I decide to do it for more yarns, should I just attach the yarn to the same tube? Why not? Seems reasonable to me. I need to get gauge for the planned Monkeys and there's a bunch in the stash that is new to me.

I almost bought sock yarn yesterday at the newly-expanded Knit Stop. The haze of dust and pomeranian fur on the beautiful chocolate-colored Regia Silk made me hesitate long enough to remember Knitpicks Gloss, which is 40% of their price, and also has a gorgeous cocoa color. I have a deal with myself about how many socks I have to knit before I go nuts at Knitpicks. I think it's three pair. We'll see how long I hold out.


janet said...

Comment from my husband, Chris: "What are your feet doing on the internet?"

Unknown said...

For some reason, I can't see any of the pictures. And tell Chris it's a good thing you aren't making a bra...

NeedleTart said...

I came over from Julie. What pattern are the socks? Is that a Jaywalker? Or something else? I skimmed through some back posts and saw the "Mathagan". Wow! Great job! (Even if it *is* crochet;-)

janet said...

The sock pattern is called Bordello, it was on the SeaWool ball band, but they're very like the Jaywalkers. The differences are the cuff -garter instead of ribbing, and the placement of increases and decreases.

And thanks! I'm proud of the mathghan.