Wednesday, June 27, 2007

There were going to be pictures, but I'm just too tired

And the title was going to be "hey, hey, it's a monkey" too. Since casting on my Summer of Socks Monkey on Thursday, I've knit little else. I finished the Greensburg block I had started in the sockless week, and I may have done a row on the green lace scarf. The Pink Latin Granny blanket got mailed (finally!) and so that's at least one less thing to worry about right now.

But I'm moving. I spent the evening packing the kitchen breakables and taking a bunch of stuff over to the new house. Where I knit the only rows of this evening, talking on the phone with my mom and sitting on my kitchen floor.

This sock is going great guns. I can see why everyone loves this pattern. It's pretty, it follows itself so that you don't have to constantly read the chart (although I'm still doing the row-counter thing. It's paranoia, really, half the time I read my stitches and the chart and I've forgotten to click the counter.), and I'm on the gusset already (although I did one less pattern repeat than the pattern called for). I'm using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the Jewels Potluck thing they do, and it's the happiest sock ever right now. I really should have pictures. It's the prettiest thing I've ever done. At this rate, I'd have it done by Thursday if I didn't have to do anything else. Like work. Or move.

And these Monkeys are a planned birthday gift for my Mom. They're purple, they're pretty, and she's going to love them. And when her birthday comes in mid-November, it should be getting cold enough for wool socks in Alabama. But since she's coming to visit in two days, that means that this sweet little sock has to be hidden from her during her visit. Which means I need another sock to knit while she's here. And while I'd planned on doing plain socks for Dad during SOS as well, current family politics makes doing this in Mom's presence a Bad Idea. So I need to do something else, and since it's the other thing I've already swatched, the yummy Bearfoot will probably get broken out tomorrow or Thursday. I'm afraid of losing momentum on the Monkeys. I want to at least be finished with the gusset before I put them away. Oh well, new mohair-blend pretty blue socks for me!

Probably won't blog again till moving is over and Mom's gone. So then, if the camera is locatable, you'll see pictures of two half-finished socks here!

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