Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Sweater progress?

It's there, but not much of it. At this rate, I'll be done in time to need it. Maybe.

And that thing I thought of last week?

Started. That red block was the plan for the first square, but I realized that the blanket would be huge to the point of futility before anyone would realize what it was about. So rather than starting with a three-inch square, I started with a 1.5-inch square. I think it'll be ok to stop a step before the rectangle I linked to did. It's Red Heart from the stash. I might stick with these three colors, although I'll need another. Or maybe I'll find others to throw in, and make it more freaky. We'll see.

Oh, and while I'm starting things, here:

It's the scarf from Mindful Knitting, and it's nice. I hadn't done any double-decreases before, and it took me a couple tries to get this in my head and make the lace pattern work, but now I'm enjoying it. It's going in the Christmas box eventually.

Oh, and Sunday I learned to do this:

Spinning really is magic. We'll see if I ever knit anything from what I spin. Or even ply my singles. The woman who taught me showed me Navajo plying, and it was cool. The white stuff on the tp roll is my first handspun, the stuff she showed me with. The grey is from roving I bought at the festival, and I'm afraid I went a little overboard buying roving. In all, I bought about twelve ounces of it, in three lots of different colors. The grey is natural Romney, and I'm liking it. I got two dyed bits too, one a semisolid red, the other several fabulous brights.

Here's the thing: the grey's not going away. I put it in a gallon ziplock bag when I got it home. I've spun three days since then, not much, but a little each day. And the bag is just as full as when I first packed it. I'm hoping Sunday maybe I can make some visible progress. We'll see. The amazing thing is how much cheaper roving is than yarn. I must keep this in mind for the whole "yarn is entertainment" budgeting thing. HOURS of entertainment. For seriously cheap.

Meanwhile, also got my first laceweight yarn (Fleece Artist Suri Blue) and am looking for the appropriate project for it. I said no to the SeaSilk at the festival, but it was hard. I also got a passel of Artful Yarns Jazz at Golden Thimble this weekend. I'm thinking a worsted shawl might happen. I have a library pattern that's cables and dropped stitches that I really like. Because I should really start something else. Meanwhile I'm thinking about going to Mass Ave since they've got a sale going and I'm hoping to check out the shop in Lafayette when I go up there this weekend. Apparently I'm in a consumerist way lately. Good thing I'm working.

I'm still working on the SeaWool socks. I'm cranky and bored with them. I knit them when I have nothing else available. I should probably finish them soon if I'm going to take a sock break before Summer of Socks. Which I think might be wise, as I'm bordering on burnout. But it'll be okay. I don't see me permanently going off socks. Just chevron-patterned things.

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