Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crazy in my head

Tomorrow at 1pm registration for Sock Summit opens. And I am going. I'm very nervous about signing up for classes. For one thing, my class list's associated teachers make me feel like a squeeing teenager. (OMG, Amy Singer! EEEEEE!) For another, every time I look at the class list I change my mind about what to take (just now I kicked my Friday AM plans to the curb twice in the last five minutes). Seriously, this event has me all kerfuffled.

I'm booking away on House Cup projects. I got some serious sock time in yesterday and today - my socks I started a week ago Saturday are on the second gusset - yay me. My lace stole has one end on a holder, and the other cast on. May get another row or two in before sleeping tonight, if I can tear myself away from the crazy-making website.

The Indy 500 was yesterday - hence the plain sock time, mostly in the car, but there during some caution laps and when the crowd started getting to me. Then watching the replay after - both last night and this morning. The stole, surprisingly, seems to be going better with podcasts and DVDs of The Wire - the latter in the later half of the lace ends, when they get more automatic.

Ok. Going to sleep soon. I promise.

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