Wednesday, May 20, 2009

House Cup

I meant to do some cleaning of my house over the break. And some of that has happened - Mandie came over and helped me get my stash room under control, and Chris and I have gone through some boxes and we may well be moved in before too long (it's only been two years).

But mostly I've been knitting for the House Cup. Started 20 days ago, here are three little projects:

webcam wristers
Wristers for Quidditch. Go Gryffindor!

charms 1
A headband to keep my now-short hair out of my face.

muggle studies
Rose's Wristwarmers, which have been in my queue longer than I've been watching Doctor Who, if you'll believe it. This pattern is the one that made me sit up and say "hmm, maybe I should get that show from the library..."

I signed up for an OWL, so there's a long-term project that's going to be started any day now. I also have a plain sock going that if the pair is finished this month, will be my Defence against the Dark Arts homework. (Actually, it'll be Defence homework either way. But I'm hoping to get them done, they make me really happy.)

I'm going to go clean up my house a bit and then myself some - and then I think I get to knit some more.

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Paige Darling said...

there's just a healthy dose of "yay!" all over the place! Love the wrist warmers!